gender in journalism

gènere en el periodisme

género en el periodismo

renovar el llenguatge // feminitzar la comunicació // proposar nous paradigmes

exercir un periodisme que ens faci comprendre una nova realitat.




The Journalists and Communicators Network with Gender Vision of Catalunya – International Network of Journalists with Gender Vision invites you:


  • To Take part in the VI meeting of the International Net|Network of Journalists with Gender Vision , which will be celebrated on april 15, 16th and 17th, 2016 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.


  • also to the previous Meetings of the Mediterranean Network of Information and Communication with Gender Vision and of the GAMAG-European Network, which will be celebrated on april 14th and 15th in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.


It`s an opportunity of enriching us and get a democratic and more egalitarian society, in which we expect to have your presence, building from the experiences of the journalism with gender vision.

The “J” section of the Beijing Conference on Woman and media, thus as the conclusions of Beijing+20 in New York (2015); The follow-up of the CEDAW and the application of the 1325 Resolution, as well as the Recommendations of the Governmental Euromediterranean Conferences are going to guide this International Meeting with this goals:


  • giving an impulse to the existing journalists networks, and contributing others so that they rise up, generating the dialogue and promoting the full and equitative participation of women in media


  • an specific Action Plan to Share and give voice to women and to defend their rights in front of the violences, for its|his|her|their biggest|greatest political participation, empowerment and international cooperation


  • Without forgetting the protection as journalists (we are not heroins) with regard to the painful impact of stories in which we get involved and in which in general we are a bridge between you kill and its|his|her|their families and justice or institutions. And that from an enormous professional precariousness.


For this event we have the support of UPF, CPC, IEMed, ACCD, ICD, the Barcelona Town Council and the Regional Government of Barcelona.a.

Por un periodismo no sexista

Para reflexionar sobre el proceso de construcción de noticias y sus impactos en la equidad // Para transmitir este desafío a toda la comunidad periodística // Por la vocación // Por la igualdad

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